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Diabetic Guest

For diabetic guests, please be sure to bring enough insulin, syringes, and their regular diet for their planned stay. In some cases, our diabetic guests may need extra attention while in our care. This could consist of blood glucose monitoring, change of accommodations, a new medication and/or a Doctor's exam. There could be additional charges to your cat's stay. In some cat's this can be a stressful experience just by being in a new place with different smells. This can lead to a decrease in appetite. As a parent to a diabetic cat, you know how important eating is to your cat to help regulate blood sugar. With every diabetic guest we offer a clean extra large litter box and a large bowl of fresh water daily. We want to make your cat's stay the best possible. Your cat may appreciate to have some things from home that smell like you or are familiar to them. An old t-shirt that has your smell on it can be very comforting to them. Just know we cannot guarantee the return of items or their condition upon return. We highly recommend the playrooms for these guests as they can accommodate the extra large litter box and a overall more comfortable stay. Please let us know if you have any questions. For new to us diabetic guests, our Doctors need to review your cat's medical record. Please allow us time to do this.  Your cat's health while in our care is paramount. 

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