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Cat Boarding Near Me

Don't Settle for Basic Cat Boarding

You may have several options for cat boarding near you, but most of them will be pretty basic. Many are attached to dog kennels, so the poor cats have to listen to incessant barking 24/7. Needless to say, this is very nerve wracking for cats, most of whom fear loud dogs. Even worse, the cats are often kept in tiny cages where they don't have a chance to roam around.

At Dr. Tracy's Luxury Resort, the cat boarding experience is much different. This isn't just a basic cat kennel. Instead, it is a resort for cats.

The first difference you'll notice at Dr. Tracy's Luxury Cat Resort is the lack of barking noise. That's because there are no dogs within this cat boarding establishment. You might hear soft classical music, though – the proprietors have found that this helps calm felines. Next, you'll see that the cats aren't kept in cramped cages. Even the smallest cat accommodation is six square feet! Those who want to fully pamper their purring companions can go for a luxury playroom that offers 65 square feet of running room.

When you take your cat back home, you'll notice another major difference. Your companion won't be loaded with fleas! That's because every cat gets an anti-flea tablet upon starting his or her stay at Dr. Tracy's Luxury Resort. This ensures that infestations don't get started or spread among the feline guests.

General medical care is also covered at this cat kennel in Santa Clarita, CA. The staff give any prescribed medications at the proper times. Even better, Dr. Tracy's Luxury Resort is right next to The Cat Doctor, a progressive Veterinary Medical Practice for cats only. If anything should come up, medical help is just a few short steps away.

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