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Welcome to Dr. Tracy's Luxury Cat Resort. With a modern feel of home and veterinary professionals, your cat will be comfortable and well cared for during their stay. Just click our "Accommodations" tab to see what we have to offer. Or we invite you to come and see our resort area to decided what accommodations would best suit your feline friend.

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Boarding Lion


Because we are "cat only" our resort area is quiet and calm. There are no dogs allowed in our resort area so there are no loud barking noises. We do like to play some classical music on low so they can feel secure. Did you know cats also like Reggae? We also have the ability to dim the lights to create a peaceful environment. 



The ventilation at Dr. Tracy's Luxury Resort is a new system and separate from the rest of the hospital. Ventilation is very important part of keeping clean and healthy. For the comfort of our guests we are temperature controlled day and night.



Upon admission, every guest receives a tablet to remove any fleas that might be on them. This protects our other guests from picking up unwanted parasites and makes every cat more comfortable. 



We are separate from The Cat Doctor Veterinary Hospital but we occupy the same building. With a Cat Veterinarian close by 5 days a week, you can rest assured that any problems that come up your cat will get the best care. If your cat is taking medications, our trained care team can make sure medications are given and every cat is monitored. 


Here at Dr. Tracy's Luxury Resort we have a variety of different accommodations to meet every budget and comfort level. From 6 square feet condos all the way to 65 square foot playrooms. For extended stays we always recommend a larger playroom. For multi-cat households a playroom would be more comfortable.  


Cats in general prefer to be a little warmer then we do. Our suites have custom bedding on three shelves for ultimate comfort. We even have four poster beds! We monitor all our guests even the shy ones. If your cat feels more comfortable with a "hidey" box, we will provide one for them. 



We feel it's important to give our guests the same quality water we would want to drink. We also feel that filtered water is better for overall health. 


Did you know cats can get whisker fatigue? Basically this is over stimulation of the sensory system of the whiskers. To combat that all our bowls/plates here at Dr. Tracy's Luxury Resort are whisker-friendly! 



Every guest must be current on the FVRCP and Rabies Vaccination at least 14 days prior to the start for their stay. Verification of vaccine status is required. This is for the safety of our Care Team and for our other guests. 


For nervous or shy kitties, we offer The Spa Kit to make their stay here stress free and more comfortable. This affordable kit is drug-free, helps keep kitty calm and soothes intestinal stress. 



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26055 Bouquet Canyon Road, Suite C

Santa Clarita, CA. 91350

Tel:  661-259-5288


9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Monday - Friday


10:00 AM - 1:00 PM



Dr. Tracy's Luxury Resort

Dr. Tracy's Luxury Resort


Dr. Tracy's Luxury Resort was built in honor of the late Dr. Tracy McFarland. Dr. Tracy was a loved and admired Feline Veterinarian in the Santa Clarita Valley from 1988 until 2018. She was the Owner & Medical Director of The Cat Doctor. Her dream was to have a facility that catered to the feline community. Many of the Care Team at The Cat Doctor have adopted her passion for a facility dedicated to cats only. Our goal is to make every cat comfortable at Dr. Tracy's Luxury Resort!  

We are managed by The Cat Doctor but we are separate from the hospital facility. This way our guests can feel like they are at home instead of feeling like they are at the Veterinary Office. The care givers at Dr. Tracy's Luxury Resort are part of the Care Team at The Cat Doctor. These are trained Veterinary Professionals. You can rest assured that should a problem arise a Veterinarian will be promptly notified and The Cat Doctor Care Team can address the issue and communicate with you.  

If you have a cat with special needs or has a disease, in general we can accommodate those needs. Prior to making a reservation, a discussing with you and our resort manager will need to take place.  If you have never been here, a new patient to us and your cat has special needs, we will require copies of medical records. Those can be emailed to us prior to making a reservation at  At this time, we do not offer medical boarding when a patient is experiencing a serious medical problem.

Please note we do not have personnel on duty 24 hours a day.  During popular times during the year such as holidays, summer, and special weekends boarding is generally filled. We advise that you make your reservation at your earliest convenience. Please ask about our cancellation policy. 

At Dr. Tracy's Luxury Resort we are passionate about cats and their experience here. Thank you for choosing Dr. Tracy's Luxury Resort! 

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